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Field Trips

July 3, 2011

Field Trips:

My favorite days in elementary school were always field trip days. Break from the class room, pizza or Lunchables were usually involved, and best of all: most memorable field trips involved playing with animals and being outdoors.

Now I am all grown up. In a big girl internship. In Tajikistan. And field trips are my job. Literal field trips. My comrades Anvar and Ismoil are Shaartuz agro experts. And I get to ride around all day with them while we talk to farmers. Who grow watermelons. And feed us watermelons straight off the vine. It’s a sweet gig for all of us, but probably the sweetest for me.

Ismoil and Anvar do all the work. They talk and look at the watermelon plants and try and convince farmers to get on board with our project. I stand there and try to understand Tajik for a while. Then I get to zone out and enjoy the amazing scenery. This is the reality of my 9-5. I get to put on my resume that I did Agricultural Value Chain work in Tajikistan in exchange for ten whole weeks of field trips!

The cherry on top of all of this? No permission slip is required!

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