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Baby Traders

July 22, 2011

As per MercyCorps policy, we get security updates every week that keep us informed of the fates of car crash victims, drug smugglers, arrested BBC journalist-turned-terrorists (or maybe terrorists-posing-as-a-journalists), and apparently this week, baby traders.

I have no idea what a baby trader is, but according to the security report, 2 baby traders were convicted in Vahdat. I appreciate having the security reports be brief, because I enjoy worrying more about what to eat than if I will be abducted by an Islamist militant group, but I find the security briefings pretty amusing because they are so obviously completed just to appease a “Policy”.

Take the baby traders for instance, the line literally reads: “2 baby traders convicted in Vahdat region this week”
Convicted of what? What is a ‘baby trader’ in the first place? (I think we all can guess, but I just don’t know for sure) and Where is Vahdat?

Security reports useually follow this style of brievity, which, in my opinion is useless. If something poses a real threat or danger to personnel I would think that knowing more about it than a bullet point is important. And since none of us are babies, I think we are free from being traded. I feel a rant coming on, so to be brief my point is that security reports, as most activities forced by policy, tend to be more bemusing than useful. For the time being I will just have to continue to be mystified by the fate of 2 baby traders and amused by these wonderfully morbid weekly reminders of human mortality.

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  1. August 5, 2011 18:07

    maybe they are traders in training


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