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Home Sick

August 18, 2011

Sharituz is a great place to be based. People are friendly, but not prying. They generally have a live and let live attitude, which is nice as an expat. It’s already difficult enough trying to function in a different language and culture, add to that neighbors who are constantly “keeping an eye on you” and it’s enough to make almost anyone pop every once in while. It is however, a pretty sleepy little city, so we 3 interns welcomed a trip to Khujand in the north and Garm to the East to see other parts of the country and other offices.

Little did I know how badly I would miss home by week 2. And I’m not talking about America. Sharituz is my Tajik home, and by the second weekend we were in Dushanbe, between Khujand and Gharm, I was missing it. By the next weekend I was almost out of my wits. Not that Gharm isn’t a fabulous place, but I totally missed what I knew. And the neighbors on our street, and the little old women who say “Assssalaam wa allakum” without a hint of irony. And the desert heat. And the squat toilet in the guesthouse. And most of all, the people in the office, who I had gotten to know so well. It was exhausting trying to relearn 2 new offices staff in only 1 week, and it made me miss Sharituz even more.

It’s funny that I am homesick for a place that looks like this:

But there you have it. Looking at week 10 of this short adventure, I must say it has been much too short. But I am glad that the office here feels the same about me as I do about them. About all of us, really. I feel confident that I can now list Tajikistan as one of my home-away-from-homes. And I hope everyone here realizes that if they ever end up in Idaho, they have a place with me with doors wide open as well!

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  1. August 18, 2011 18:42

    I could definitely see myself getting homesick for that place…glad you enjoyed your amazing adventures…


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