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Happiness is…

June 7, 2013

My first two weeks at site were a lot harder than I ever thought they could be. The moments of doubt and fear that I had were unexpected and I wasn’t sure how 2 years would play out if I felt that way the entire time. Good news is that the hardest part is over (I hope) and I have found a couple things that made me so incredibly blissfully happy and feel so settled here. They are little things like

  • Hearing Shania Twain play at the local bazaar every Wednesday and Sunday
  • Being called “Drako” which is like “sup girlfriend” by my lady friends
  • Having kids speak to me in Malagasy instead of calling me a vazaha (or white foreigner)
  • Eating curry veggies and coconut rice that I made with the help of my wonderful counterpart
  • Hassling market vendors for their stall fee at the market with my counterpart and seeing their reaction when they saw a white girl holding the stall fee ticket
  • Country music playing anywhere that is not the rural US
  • The sunrise over rice and sugar cane fields
  • Chatting with my neighbors about the goings on
  • Playing soccer, the beautiful game and instantly having a new set of friends, or people who are now not terrified of me anymore
  • Seeing the pictures of my family and Rogue I have hanging in my house every morning
  • Listening to country music. Period.

Catching myself smiling at each of these little things as my day goes by makes me feel so content and at peace, or as they say here, “tamana” “at home”.

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  1. Anna Montgomery permalink
    June 11, 2013 23:39

    Hi Kim!
    Great to read your blog and hear about your time so far! It seems like not that long ago that I met up with you to talk about your experience working on the Afghanistan projects at IRAD and now you’re all the way through PST and an actual PCV…so exciting! I started working at IRAD on May 1st and it’s going well. Anyway, I was thinking it would be fun to send you a small package…I know it was always great to get mail when I was in PC. What is your maililng address and is there anything you are particularly missing or would like but can’t get. Let me know. My email is


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