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Myth of the Month

June 29, 2013

There are all kinds of crazy myths about white people, or foreigners floating around my village. I will try and keep track of them all and post my favorites here.

June’s Myth of the Month IS….

Potato leaves are not good for me to eat, because I am white and they will give me hives.


To clarify I eat potato leaves frequently with my beans, which my neighbors are aghast at, and incredibly concerned for my wellbeing. They are convinced that I will break out in a rash. And when I scratch my mosquito, fly, and ant bites and they turns into scabs my neighbors reaction is something like this:

“AH HA! We told you that potato leaves give you hives!”

Nothing I say will change this opinion of theirs. They are so persistent, in fact that I am starting to wonder if I will indeed get a rash from eating potato leaves. So far so good, but I’ll be sure to keep all posted.

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