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National Hangover Day

June 29, 2013

In America it’s July 5th. In Madagascar it’s June 27th. In France it’s July 14th. The day after celebrations of nation-hood. Or National Hangover Day.

I was so ready to go to the ball this time. I was really gonna do it, stay up late, shake my ass with all my neighbors and friends, get random English words yelled at me all night long. But the 26th of June, Madagascar’s national independence day, got the better of me. After spending a couple of hours dancing with a motherly figure, who I had to keep picking up since she occasionally lost her balance from all the moonshine she’d celebrated with, and having her ramble the exact same sentence in English to me, I got tired and went home. I will never hear the end of this. My street cred is gonna take a huge hit, and I was actually pretty well rested on National Hang Over day here. But really. The exact same sentence. The exact same sentence. The. Exact. Same. Sentence.

Over and over and over. For about 2 hours.

So, for a low point not really that bad at all. Actually pretty good, since the sentence was “Several people Ampondralava dancing”.  Could have been much worse. Nonetheless by the time 10 pm rolled around and the adult dance started, I was ready to hit the hay. I felt I had spent a solid day celebrating with my community, I went to the parade, dressed in the local garb, got to sit in a seat of honor, handed out presents, and relaxed with my counterparts family.

No fireworks, and as a woman it would be a little inappropriate for me to drink (didn’t stop my friend, but whose judging?) but all in all pretty similar to the U.S. Chicken is the dish of the north for celebrations, and all kinds of chickens were killed on the 26th. Aside from chicken slaughter, the shenanigans were pretty similar 4th of July in the states. Cook outside. Drink. Get drunk. Drink more. Eat. Drink more. Sleep for days. Boom Pow. Sad that I only have one of these bad boys left- it was a great day!

With July 4th coming up thought it would be appropriate to honor both the Malagasy National Day of Independence as well as my own in this post. So to all my friends back home in the states, have a beer for me this Thursday, and cheers to independence to my 2 favorite countries in the world!

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  1. Jarie Castelin permalink
    June 29, 2013 19:03

    Kim thanks for educating us! Sounds like celebrating has a commonality! You put a nice spin on it! Hugs to you! Aunt Jarie


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