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I’ll get fat for that

July 27, 2013

The past month at site has been full of ups and downs, the swings and cycles of which I think I might be getting used to- so now they will probably change again to keep me on my toes. The lowest of the low days found my laying prone on my floor, weeping uncontrollably, hoping in vain a man in a smart green suit would apparate at my door with a plane ticket home. It’s hard to use the thought of starving children in Africa to put your problems in perspective when starving children in Africa are the reason you’ve lost perspective in the first place. This is my usual coping tactic. It failed me that day. I got over this breakdown, am stronger for it, and am ready for the next one whenever it strikes. Melodramatics aside, the energy in Ampondralava has shifted notably since May.

After rice harvest, orange harvest, and National Independence Day celebrations folks are hard up for money. In a desperate effort to make pennies on a dime, my neighbors have started selling snacks. Several times a day their kids stop by to offer all kinds of delicious treats- which I am more than happy to indulge in. Rice bread, fried bananas, fried flat bread, fried fish, sugar water soaked flatbread, and sweet rice bread all find their way to my door. Fried is a common theme here, as well as delicious. And cheap.

During training we were warned that women in Peace Corps tend to gain weight- I was mystified why this would be at first, since our diets change to all natural and mostly legumes during service.

Until the parade of fried foods found their way to my door.  

Now I get it, and while I like living a healthy life- my neighbors are literally trying to make pennies on the dime, and I am more than happy to stimulate their economy and gorge on fried foods. This money gives them funds to get by, so hell yes, I’ll get fat for that!!!

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  1. July 29, 2013 06:54

    Sorry you are having a rough go Kim! We sure are thinking about you. your name comes up at the office a lot and we wonder how you are. You are doing a really hard thing – so proud of you for ploughing ahead.
    Thanks for sharing all of these stories. It means a lot to those of us who miss you.


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