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July 27, 2013

A sense of humor is something the Peace Corps does not shy away from mentioning in its application process as a quality for future or aspiring volunteers. I can’t say how many times a day that I end up laughing when I could just as easily cry, yell, spit, or scream.

This post is in honor of the things that make my lips twitch into what I can only believe is an ironic smile

1)      Being told to integrate by Peace Corps and live at “the local level” then having my community pick the former residence of a French colonist for my house.

2)      Being an hour long bike ride away from internet and getting texts from Peace Corps staff about checking my email every other day for important updates. Being lazy and only checking my email once a week. Invariably arriving home, hot, sweaty, and with a new text about a new email as I walk in my door.**

3)      Loving chickens, though they ate my first couple attempts at a garden because they actually eat ants that bite my toes and other nasty garden pests.

4)      Having a “flush” toilet, no running water, and no electricity… or maybe this isn’t irony but just kinda gross…

5)      Over 2 years as a Peace Corps volunteer, having my monthly stipends for 2 YEARS ADD UP TO LESS THAN I PAID IN TAXES LAST YEAR ALONE—- (this is less irony and maybe more just upsetting)

6)      Being an English buff of sorts but abusing the word “irony” in this post

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  1. July 27, 2013 22:45

    Haha I love #2


  2. Jarie Castelin permalink
    July 28, 2013 19:08

    Gotta say you have a wonderful way of expressing the frustrations! Venting is gooood for you! Hugs, Jarie


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