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And that’s why you always wear a helmet

July 28, 2013

Yes- that is an Arrested Development reference to always leaving a note. And yes I always wear my helmet when I bike, and not just because it is a Peace Corps rule. It’s mostly because I am notoriously clumsy on 2 legs, let alone with wheels under me.

Karie and Amanda remember well my epic bike cartwheel at Lucky Peak State Park back in the day, and I still have the scars on my hands to remind me to not hit the left-hand brake only. My most recent bike cartwheel incident saw me and my bike get up with only wounded pride. But it could have been way worse.

–So cruising along the side of the road in any place is a fairly brave undertaking. All kinds of vehicles zooming past makes for a hazardous environment to say the least, and the ride to Ambilobe from Ampondralava is no less crazy, though only the last 5 km of paved road is really busy. It was on this home stretch that I ate the proverbial shit as a semi went zooming past my leftside. As I was airrborn, I heard the one-armed man’s voice in my head …and that’s why you always wear a helmet.

I got up not exactly smiling, a bit shaken up, and with increased wounded pride when I realized how many bystanders had witnessed my spectacular sprawl, the result of an undodged pothole (remember that semi…it was in my swerve to avoid the pothole lane- between semi and pothole I chose the hole).  I can’t really say my helmet saved my life- I didn’t really hit my head, but it could have been worse.  This is where I get all serious- they don’t call accidents “on purposes” for a reason, you don’t know when one might happen- and though some volunteers find the Peace Corps helmet wearing rule oppressive, it doesn’t bother me. Don’t need to tell me twice PC- I always wear my helmet!

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  1. Jarie Castelin permalink
    July 28, 2013 18:47

    As we tell Porter, you only have one head,that’s why you need to wear your helmet. No reason not to. Drink lots of water. Being in a bike accident like this can put you into shock for a few days. Rest too.Big Hug! “Dr. Jarie”


  2. Paul permalink
    July 29, 2013 21:48

    Hey, Kim; I don’t remember your doing the head-over at Lucky Peak! That was when you were staying with us, right? Totally love hearing of your experiences…you’ll never see things the same way after these two years. What you do for those you come in contact with will also never be the same either, thanks to your beautiful influence and character.
    Love you! Uncle Paul


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