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Trivial Results

September 30, 2013

You all voted-the results are in- Here is what all of you THINK I’m doing on an average day:Slide2










Here’s my estimation of how I ACTUALLY spend my time on an average day:


According to your estimations, in hours, I spend between 1/3 and ½ of each day in an existential crisis mode, where I am “laying on the floor sweating profusely questioning the meaning of life”. I do anything resembling work for about an hour and 20 minutes (ok this one is actually fair!!) I walk around for about 5 hours every day. And I cook, but don’t eat and never take naps. These last ones are, sorry guys, JUST WRONG! I spend a lot of time eating each day-it’s maybe a part of walking around- I’ll be cruising my town, get a little peckish, sit and eat some taro root with coconut, or brochettes which are little kebabs, or fried bananas with a mango chutney known here as rogai. American snack food doesn’t hold a candle to Malagasy street food! Naps help me solve my existential crisis- when I get too exhausted to think anymore I succumb to closing my eyes. It helps that this process starts on the floor.

To avoid confusion I’ll give a side by side comparison of my average actual day and your responses- this ranking runs from the least time spent on an activity to the most time spent. Sleeping takes the cake for me, and the second most important activity to me is walking around- you all nailed that one on the head!! You all also were 100% correct in thinking I don’t spend too much time napping- though this is an odd behavior in town. The hours after lunch around noon are reserved for naps, and my friends and neighbors are all a little surprised when I don’t sleep for the entire time, or at all. I do love nap time post lunch when I take it- so refreshing to grab a little cat nap and stay out of the punishing sun. Thanks all for voting- keep playing the game-just follow this link to the original post:

Hierarchy of Daily Activities from Least Hours to Most Hours
Actual Hierarchy of Activities Perceived Hierarchy of Activities
Napping Napping
Fetching water Eating
Work-ish Cooking
Existential Crisis Work-ish
Eating Sleeping
Cooking Fetching Water
Mitsangasanganing Mitsangasanganing
Sleeping Existential Crisis
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