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October 13, 2013

So, it may not have a reputation for being a great karaoke nation (I’m thinking here of Japan and Korea), but Madagascar can definitely hold it’s own. Karaoke here makes me feel at home. It’s bad, and off key, and off beat, and too loud, and smoky, and drunks come wandering over to dance with you, but these are all the things that I think generally make karaoke great. It’s another one of those commonalities with home that makes me feel good here.

Tonight after a raucous round of karaoke, (in which I learned all kinds of lyrics to songs, another thing I love about karaoke- those who know me know I am NOTORIOUS for twisted lyrics-) I find myself feeling at peace. There is something beautiful about watching people completely lose their inhibitions, throw all caution to the wind, grab a mic and belt it out. And when the whole bar joins in with you, belting it out along whether they know the song or not, it is a beautiful thing.

For me the heart of good karaoke is the idea of togetherness, society. The music is like a secondary joy. Those familiar songs that everyone can follow along with on the screen lets everyone join in, and most importantly makes people feel good about belonging. There is nothing more human than that.

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