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A Good Party

November 3, 2013

I’ve seen my fair share of good parties. In college a good party consisted of friends, beer, ping pong balls, music, and lots of laughs. After college a good party consisted of friends, beer, music, and lots of laughs. In Madagascar a good party consists of friends, beer, music, and dead cows.

It just isn’t a party worth mentioning if a cow didn’t lose its life for it. Often in college people would measure a party by beer consumed, or ridiculous pictures snapped. Here the measuring stick is how many cows were eaten. This correlates directly to the number of people there, and thus the amount of noise made during the festivities. Noise making is a big deal here as well. When talking about an event, the Antakarana people like to say it’s NOISY! and thus worthwhile. People here know how to party harder than anyone I’ve ever met- they will literally go for days without sleeping; dancing, drinking, eating beef, and merrymaking all the while. I have no idea what their secret to not being hungover is, but I can barely keep up with them-I turn in early ALL THE TIME!

Recently, we held a huge party for 2 little boys. When there is a party of this magnitude in town, life stops. There is no school, there is no working; there is only the party. And this one was one for the record books. This was a particularly special party, as the birth of 2 sons in Madagascar is a very special occasion. So special that they had been saving money for YEARS to throw this party. Two days of singing, dancing, eating, cooking, shouting, and generally carrying on was most likely worth the wait for everyone-2 whole cows were consumed over 2 days of rebel-rousing and ululating. After these Malagasy parties, my standards have now reached a new level- friends, beer, music, laughs, and now cows required!

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