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Coping with a Crisis

November 9, 2013

Dealing with a crisis, or what feels like one but really isn’t anything more than a very unpleasent side effect of anti-malaria medication or Peace Corps Service in general is a key survival skill I have learned here. What constitutes a so-called-crisis? Embarassingly, not a lot. It takes almost nothing to send me into the pits of what feels like eternal despair, but is really like 5 minutes of sadness tops. I chalk it up to the awkward life of a Peace Corps Volunteer in rural Africa, but can safely surmise that I will probably never again be stressed out in America because I now have the following crisis procedure:

1- assume fetal position on the floor, where it is “cool”

2- breathe deeply and wait for the deluge of tears that will inevitably follow step 1

3- nap for like 10-15 minutes;  you are now ready to go live life outside your hut again

Repeat as needed.

Though this strategy works well for stress related “crisis”, please, I repeat, please DO NOT attempt this technique in an actual crisis such as:

a plane crash, fire, school shooting, terrorist attack, mugging, or hit and run.

Instead stop, drop, and roll, or apply pressure or do whatever it is those snazzy PSA’s tell us to do these days in a real live crisis. And in case anyone is wondering, yes “Expert Crisis Coper” is going on my resume now between “Black Belt Napper” and “Token White Kid”.

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  1. Jarie Castelin permalink
    November 9, 2013 20:48

    Kim, I admire the way you are able to express your feelings in such a sincere and honest way. You are going through so much crazy making stuff, yet you keep picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and go on. I am sending you a special hug today, Love you, Aunt Jarie


  2. Jessi permalink
    November 13, 2013 04:51

    Hang in there, Kimba! You know, I was thinking about your “it’s not a party unless there’s a dead cow” sentiment and it made me recall many a gathering at your home in celebration, much in part and thanks to Cayenne. As far as the token white kid sentiment…maybe we’re all just a token something or other at some time in our lives. Gives meaning and humanity to all the other token somethings we come across in our lives. Just know that you’re not just a token white kid to some of us. You’re never far from our hearts!!

    On another note…if you happen to be able to write about it, I’m really interested in how the elections went in Madagascar. I’ve been loosely following and haven’t found much in the way of information recently. Sending some good home vibes across the waters. Love ya, lady!


    • November 14, 2013 11:57

      So Im officially not supposed to talk abut Malagasy elections. BUt I think I can give a non=political response. The first round went well. It was very uneventful in Ampondralava. A lot of pewople are still sporting t-shirts that wer handed out as propaganda. It will be interesting to see what happend in the 2nd round.


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