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I Wonder, Mother

February 17, 2016

the madness in this world makes me wonder:

Woman's Day Salovagna

why so many act like they don’t have mothers?

when did power take over from love,

and what in God’s name can we do about that?

why do university students think it’s a good deal

to let hungry children starve

in the name of locally-loaned flour and meal?

what the fuck are they thinking

that U.S. surplus is sooo coercive

that they would turn it away

from the mouth of a stunted, half-dead babe?

is ideology really that blinding

freedom worth dying for

fighting for


where are the mother’s of these people

who act, speak, think

in that order;

have they no shame that the ears of their mother

might hear what they’ve done?


this world needs more mothers, another and another.



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