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What Every Great Author Knows

June 13, 2016

Tolkein, Homer, Rowling, Lewis, and countless others pen in hand share the wisdom to see a single truth that eludes so many. Their epic battles plumb the depths of emotion and despair. I am no great Author, with tomes resting on a shelf, but the struggle is real dark, it’s life or death, and the battles takes place within ourselves.

Down into the dark dank caverns the light of souls sometimes press, and for those who make it out alive, the will always surpass the best for they have explored dangers and dreams of inky, darkest might that scratch, scramble, deceive and thirst to put out a soul’s light.

They don’t vanquish these demons with violence and gore, but nearly always do they see an epic foe locked in battle is intertwined within the heart of each; to beat back their demons each hero, with sword in hand, must learn to love the dark inside for they can never fully vanquish that which is within.

And that’s what all great authors know- the most epic battle of all- that a hero’s fight is not an external skirmish brutally fought but knowing that you could be your own worst enemy without internal wisdom and light.

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