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Post IST Update

In Service Training, or a month-three-congrats-you-all-survived-celebration, is wrapping up as I type this. The point is to help us make up our minds and think critically about the kinds of technical work that we plan on doing in our next year and three-quarters in Madagascar. I have all kinds of crazy ideas for Ampondralava that I would like to share with my community before I shout about it on the internet- sorry for the teaser! I will give a brief peek behind the curtains and hint that though I am an Agricultural volunteer, Food Security is my main goal, and healthy people are a key part of both of these things.

In another vein, I plan on continuing the English speaking clubs I started at the high school and middle school, and will start an adults group as well. As an agricultural volunteer I’m not expected to teach, but it gives some structure to my week as well as being a really great way to validate my presence in the community. Some big news on this front is that Ampondralava will be getting a brand-spanking new education volunteer in September! We are all already looking forward to having the bright and talented Idalia join our family up in the North, and I personally look forward to having a site mate and someone to bounce ideas off of.

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