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Garden and Goat

Beans the Magic Fruit Garden and Goat


So, after a failed garden attempt number 1 due to poultry destruction, I got really really serious and put up a chicken fence around the weak spots in my bamboo fence (which is now complete and sorta chicken proof). Things that are growing spectacularly in my garden are Malagasy varieties of seeds: cucumbers, potatoes, and beans. Things that are not growing well (or at all) are all the seeds I brought with me from home. I do have a very nice bed of grass growing now that volunteered its way into my herb and pepper bed. Container gardening might be the way to best go about planting non-native plants here.

Oh my how my garden has grown to include Amaranth, a container bed of flowers and herbs, flower cuttings given to me by my neighbors, and cassava! Whew, been busy digging in the hot t

Amaranth Seedling Bed

ropical sun! And hope that my efforts pay off in food- if nothing else my neighbors get a kick out of watching me work in the garden everyday.


My neighbor raises goats, and I am hoping to perhaps goat-share the next time his mama kids. We’ll see how this goes. Hopefully we can also get a little fodder project planted in his family’s orchard. Details to come- hoping month 2 at site sees some more forward motion!

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