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January 11, 2017

lungs expand

skin burnsheadwaters

here’s that light

I yearn I yearn

to feel the wind

to fly fast and free

to struggle with the earth

to bound over her curves and dirt



rush of brambles

swish of legs

caress of needles

flutter of wings

crash of hooves

we move

we move

we move




January 10, 2017

Clouds on glass

Mists of breath that just won’t catch

Mental feathers flapping, clawing to escape

Again: I’m trapped, I’m trapped


January 8, 2017

Forgive me if I’m cynical

I’ve heard the words this way before 

Once the fire lost its glow 

I was left standing all alone 

Since then I’ve partenered 

with the moon and stars

Dancing in light singing in waves

I’d rather stand solid on my own two feet

Then fall another day with you

Joyful noises

December 29, 2016

My heart is singing

So loud and clear 

You each pluck a different strain of joy

Reverberating in the darkness

Your laughter feeds my light

Mine yours

Gifts in shouts smiles yells calls

Laughter and love reverberate 

A circle unbroken

Spiraling through the night 


December 22, 2016

has it been so long since I heard your laugh

not just its echo in my mind

this summer you were with me in a field of wildflowers

on a mountain in Idaho

not a soul around but yours and mine.

in that warm sunbathed field I laughed and cried

and you did too.

I whispered your name, hugged you close with my breath

I am who I am because of you,

because we all had to carry on what you left undone.

I love you still, and miss you still, and always will.

But especially in the snow that you help to fall

and the light,

so low and bright

it enters the marrow and lights up my soul

the way your laugh used tosolstice2016

stand tall little tree

December 5, 2016

stand tall little tree

snow piled on your head

stooping, looking far too old for your sprightly age

this weight, it lifts in spring

it makes you grow tall

into your roots and your neighbors’ its water will fall

you can make it through winter

that weight on your head

stand tall little tree

this trial will soon end

birds of a feather

December 5, 2016

clouds escape from my mouth

billow above my head

for a moment I too am a feathered friend

your song stops me cold

about to give up and turn around

you step out along your branch

sing words of encouragement

then off you fly to play with your mate

I keep moving on

carrying a glow in my heart from

you and your playful song