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For those of you following my travels for some time, you know that this blog was started as a place for me to air my personal reflections on travel and life in general, particularly when I lived and worked in Tajikistan. I want to keep this original theme going by sharing my unique take on the places and people I am lucky enough to meet along my road through this life. My name here is Hippie Kim, a nickname given to me by my dear friends at the University of Idaho, and this blog is a small window into the frantic musings of my cluttered mind.

Currently, I am serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer* in Madagascar. While I have aspirations of working professionally in rural community development for many years to come, this blog should not be confused with a professional’s blog. Rather it is a place where I indulge my more wild and creative side, and let fly the words. I am working on getting a section of this blog up that will be a place for me to reflect upon the work that I am doing here, and essentially to nerd out about wild subjects like motivating target groups, selecting projects, and sustainable development as a way forward.

To abruptly end this page, I want to shed a little light o’ mine on the title. Aptly named Babble On for the non-sequiter chicken scratch that is writ here, this blog takes its title from a Led Zeppelin song- my hope is that it inspires others to brave this world and

Ramble On

*nothing that is written in this blog has anything to do with the views of Peace Corps, the US government, or any other entity other than myself. It is full of my own personal opinions, hot air, bullshit, or whatever else you wish to call it. I sincerely hope no one out there spends too much time reading this. There is life beyond the internet!

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